Beach Summer Camp

Summer Camp Registration

Emerald Bay Summer Camp 2020
Safety Guidelines and Procedures

1. Summer Camp 2020 will be limited to 3 groups of 10 and the following age groups:
a. Tiny Tots- 2-3 year olds
b. Summer O’ Fun- 4-6 year olds
c. EB Explorers- 7-10 year olds

2. Summer Camp is limited to a half day option only, from 9:00am to 12:00pm Monday through Friday. Our hope is to be able to extend camp to a full day option later in the summer.

3. Drop-off and pick-up will be different for each age group to ensure that all 3 groups are separated for the entirety of the morning in compliance with social distancing guidelines and group size guidelines. The drop off/pick-up locations for each group are the following:
a. Tiny Tots- Swanson Park Playground
b. Summer O’ Fun- Canyon
c. EB Explorers- Emerald green

4. Summer campers must register for the entire week. There will be no drop-in options. All registrations must be done online and campers must commit to the full week to ensure that the same kids and counselors are together for the full week.

5. Camp groups will not mix. Assigned groups will stay together for the full duration of the morning.

6. Please limit drop-off and pick-up to one adult only. Please do not bring siblings or other family members to drop-off and pick-up.

7. All Campers will have their temperature taken upon arrival. All counselors will also have their temperatures taken when they arrive to their shift.

8. There will be no designated lunch time for summer camp. Campers are allowed to bring snacks and water, but please make sure snacks are disposable and all water bottles and any additional items are labeled with your child’s first and last name.

9. Each camp group will be provided with hand sanitizer to be used after each activity where hand washing is not permitted.

10. Counselors will have sanitary products on hand to disinfect communal resources in between uses.

11. Camp counselors will be wearing face coverings throughout the day. Campers are encouraged to wear face coverings, but not required.

12. Counselors will have bins with their groups to deposit materials that need sanitizing at the end of each camp day. Many of the camp materials used this summer will be disposable, but for the items that are not, the bins will designate what needs thorough cleaning. Each item in the bin will be sanitized fully before additional use.

13. Campers and counselors are highly encouraged to self-asses before leaving home and stay home if they have any of the following symptoms:
a. Coughing
b. Sneezing
c. Fever
d. Difficulty breathing
e. Any other signs of illness

14. If a camper or counselor begins to exhibit any signs of illness during their time at camp, a parent will be notified and they will be sent home until cleared by a doctor. Parents of all campers in that group will also be notified of potential exposure.

15. ***Please note that your child must be picked up promptly by 12:00 each day. If your child is participating in sports camp at 12:30, it is your responsibility to pick them up and take them to sports camp. Counselors will not be responsible for the transportation of campers from one destination to another.


What to expect from summer camp 2020!

Campers can expect to have an awesome morning, all 5 days of their week at camp. Each group can expect to participate in one big structured activity each day that offers a valuable learning experience. This activity will be either science, art, or math related. Campers will also participate in two smaller activities that are centered around sports or theater. Since our camp day is shorter and we are unable to go on field trips, the goal is that each camper has a valuable learning experience each week and is able to take away something special! Our counselors are very excited to be able to give your kids a special experience, especially since they are able to see the same group of kids for the whole week! We will continue to make changes as we see fit, in terms of eventually extending the day, usage of the beach and pool, and allowing drop-ins. We will keep you all updated as those changes occur. For any questions, comments, or concerns, please email Sami at


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Week 1: June 15- June 19: Friday Dress Up Theme: Favorite Color

Week 2: June 22 – June 26: Friday Dress Up Theme: Disney Character

Week 3: June 29 – July 3: Friday Dress Up Theme: Red, White and Blue

Week 4: July 6 – July 10: Friday Dress Up Theme: Crazy hair day

Week 5: July 13- July 17: Friday Dress Up Theme: Someone you look up to

Week 6: July 20 – July 24: Friday Dress Up Theme: Favorite Athlete

Week 7: July 27 – July 31: Friday Dress Up Theme: Crazy everything!